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At Suprock Technologies we are both practitioners and clinicians of the engineering arts. Our specialty is developing sensor technology and the supporting telemetry hardware infrastructure to obtain brilliant signals from circumstances thought to be unachievable.

We are a vertically integrated shop with state of the art research capabilities, development skills, and prototype manufacturing capability. We provide engineering expertise and a multi-disciplinary problem solving team.

Where other firms hesitate to face the unknown, SuprockTech embraces the art of turning unusual challenges into cost-saving solutions. Our designers produce novel solutions that give our clients a market advantage and technological superiority to the competition.


  • Wireless Powered Telemetry
  • High-Temp strain gages
  • EMI Immune Telemetry
  • High-Speed Power sensing
  • Wireless dynamic torque sensors
  • Strain sensors
  • High temperature sensors (1500F)

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  • Full R&D, Product design, development and testing
  • Circuit design, development and testing
  • High temperature test and measurement
  • Electronics laboratory including a full complement of test and measurement equipment for telemetry design, calibration, and analysis
  • Semiconductor processing capability for custom piezoresistive sensor design, fabrication, and testing

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  • Turn-key data acquisition solutions including license-free software libraries that are ready for adopting into your product or system on Windows, Linux, or embedded platforms.
  • Product development with a focus on specialized sensing and telemetry related systems.
  • Extreme research measurements for obtaining signals in hostile environments of temperature, acceleration, and wireless battery-free telemetry.
  • Quick prototyping manufacturing
  • Radio frequency battery free telemetry design for high data rate and high dynamic range requirements
  • Development of specialized sensor & telemetry tool kits for industry problem solving or field measurement requirements.

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