Focused on Sales but Also Proficient at Marketing

JD Technologies, LLC provides premium sales and marketing services to a group of high quality, complementary manufacturers of engineered services and products who serve the industrial, aerospace, military, defense and medical industries. We develop long term relationships with key customers who value the consultative style
of selling and who wish to interface with sales professionals of high integrity.

Company Overview

Our focus is on the six (6) New England States that include Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. We also work with key accounts outside of this territory on an opportunity basis and strategic focus. Very efficient and effective office facility with up to date information systems, telecommunication hardware and services including:

  • Teleconferencing
  • Encrypted communications
  • Secure handling of and storage of information
  • High Speed Internet
  • Customer/Prospect relationship management system
  • Desktop publishing
  • Proposal generation
  • Direct mail capability
Extensive data base with business, engineering, strategic planning, marketing & sales content reflecting industrial experience and educational background at the college level.

Main Office

JD Technologies, LLC
25 Webb Street
Middleton, MA 01949-1724

Office: 978-777-3993
Fax: 978-777-2878

Certified CPMR

The Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative program is executive education for rep firm owners and managers. Participants invest one week annually for three years to gain knowledge and insight into operating a more effective and profitable rep firm. In addition, they will acquire an international network of colleagues from many industries. Graduates earn the right to use the distinctive CPMR® designation and gain membership to MRERF’s Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA).



“Identifying & satisfying customers profitably” which involves implementing the components of the marketing mix (product, people, positioning, packaging, place, price, promotion) in a “one-to-many” context, to prompt prospective customers to indicate a desire to engage in the exchange process – ultimately for the purpose of meeting the financial objectives of the enterprise.


A process of “converting prospects into customers”, using a “one-to-one” context that requires face-to-face negotiations with the end customer or distributor, involving techniques that range from complex consultative, problem-solving or opportunity-defining sessions to basic feature, advantage and benefit demonstrations.

Accomplish your goals more effectively with JD Technologies Global, LLC.