More Than Sales: We Provide Consulting Services and Solutions

JD Technologies Global, LLC provides consultative sales and marketing services to high-quality, complementary manufacturers of products and services who serve the aerospace, military & defense, medical and industrial markets.

Our team is highly educated and possesses technical expertise and in-depth market knowledge. We rely on our extensive industry knowledge to assist customers with solving their design, development and production challenges.

We do more than simply represent and sell products and services — we build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers. We ensure customers are partnered with the product manufacturers and service providers who offer optimum solutions.


We work with U.S. and global companies. More than 500 companies rely on us to help them provide their systems, products and services to their customers efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Founded in 2004, President John Knott has been successfully applying consultative selling principles since 1989 after establishing a strong engineering foundation. Our key team members possess advanced engineering and technical degrees, so we fully grasp the design, development and production challenges our customers face and the solutions our principals provide. In other words, we speak your language!

We work in a modern office facility with sophisticated information systems, telecommunications hardware and services including:

      • Teleconferencing
      • Encrypted communications
      • Secure information handling and storage
      • Customer relationship management system
      • Desktop publishing
      • Proposal generation
      • Direct mail capability

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Certified Professional Manufacturers Representatives

We are Certified Professional Manufacturers Representatives.

The CPMR program provides executive education to manufacturing rep firm owners and managers. Participants invest one week annually for three years and gain knowledge and insight into providing exceptional technical expertise to clients.

Marketing Services

“Identifying and satisfying customers profitably” is our motto. We actively seek opportunities for our principals. This involves implementing the components of the marketing mix (product, people, positioning, packaging, place, price, promotion) in a “one-to-many” context.

We engage in mutually beneficial dialogues to understand prospective customers’ challenges and needs. We nurture prospects as they progress through the sales pipeline. When they are ready to explore purchasing options, they come to us for help.

Sales Services

Our lead nurturing process enables us to identify solutions for our customers and opportunities for our principals. As a result, our prospects move through the sales pipeline seamlessly and often more quickly. Then we use a “one-to-one” approach.

This requires face-to-face negotiations with the customer or distributor, involving techniques that range from complex consultative, problem-solving or opportunity-defining sessions to basic feature, advantage and benefit demonstrations.

Call us at (781) 864-2220 or complete the Contact An Expert form above to learn how the principals we represent can help you find solutions to your design, development, performance and supply chain challenges. We will put you in touch with the technical experts!

Accomplish your goals more effectively with JD Technologies Global, LLC.