Our Approach

Here’s How We Help Our Customers Succeed

First, we listen to our customers. We use our in-depth knowledge of your industry and market — as well as commonly encountered key issues — and then we ask strategic questions. We engage in a mutually productive dialogue to understand your specific needs and challenges.

Unlike many product-focused sales representatives who recommend one-size-fits-all solutions, we thoroughly analyze each situation to determine its unique challenges and identify possible new opportunities.

Only then do we make thoughtful, customized recommendations for which product manufacturers and service providers will provide the optimum solution. We do not pretend to be the experts — we connect our customers with the appropriate experts at the manufacturers we represent.

We are available to assist you throughout the sales cycle, always ready to respond to questions or concerns.

We assist numerous functional groups, as required, including Engineering, Operations, Procurement, Supply Chain and Management.

Mission Statement

JD Technologies Global, LLC provides consultative sales and marketing services to high-quality, complementary manufacturers of products and services who serve the aerospace, military & defense, medical and industrial markets.

It is our mission to use our exceptional industry knowledge to help our clients and their customers solve their design, development and production challenges successfully, efficiently and cost-effectively. A key operational principle of our company is trusted handling of proprietary information.

We are proud to say we receive most of our new business from referrals. We place immense value on building and maintaining long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients. We repeatedly meet or exceed client expectations.


Why JD Technologies Global, LLC?

“We believe in identifying and satisfying customer needs better than the competition can or will do. We invest significant time and energy into building and maintaining mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our customers. Our customers rely on our engineering backgrounds and technical expertise to purchase products and services effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively.” – John Knott, President, JD Technologies Global, LLC

Accomplish your goals more effectively with JD Technologies Global, LLC.