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When your engineering project needs an innovative
solution to reach completion, JD Technologies Global
connects you with the right manufacturer, manages your
order and delivery, and helps bring your project together.


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for Manufacturers and B2B Service Providers

JD Technologies Global, LLC connects aerospace, military & defense, medical, and space-solution manufacturers with their customers. When designers, engineers and other customers come to us for solutions, we ask the right questions to ensure they are provided with the best manufacturing solution.

From designing new products to improving existing products and performance, we represent principals who can provide solutions to every stakeholder group: Engineering, Operations, Procurement, Supply Chain and Management.

More than 500 customers rely on us to provide them with solutions from the manufacturers and service providers with whom we’ve partnered.

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Once we have your requirements laid out, you’ll get a comprehensive proposal with supporting docs to protect your IP.

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Experience expertly managed order and delivery of your solution so your project comes together the right way.

Our Specialties


Our manufacturers develop a variety of exceptional products and solutions for flight-critical systems and aerospace applications.



Our principals develop and produce sophisticated products for the high-tech military and defense industry.



Our medical device and medical technology manufacturers design and create innovative products that improve and save lives.



We represent companies that produce products for Space applications with a strong understanding of requirements set by NASA.


About JD Technologies Global

More than Sales: We Provide Consulting Services and Solutions

JD Technologies Global provides consultative sales and marketing services to high-quality, complementary manufacturers of products and services who serve the aerospace, military & defense, medical, and industrial markets.

Our team is highly educated and possesses technical expertise and in-depth market knowledge. We rely on our extensive industry knowledge to assist customers with solving their design, development and production challenges.

We do more than simply represent and sell products and services — we build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers. We ensure customers are partnered with the product manufacturers and service providers who offer optimum solutions.

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Receive expert guidance and communication through the order, management, and delivery of your solution.

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We deliver solutions to help you complete projects and assemblies, and we do it with expert guidance, ordering, and delivery. Speak with an expert today and schedule your needs analysis. With the JD Tech team in your corner, you can confidently bring your projects to life.

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