Andover Webinar


Dec 7th  at 11:30  EST

Unravel the Magic: The Art & Science of Optical Filters

Mike Tiner
Chief Operating Officer
Andover Corp

A Lifetime of Optical Excellence

With an impressive tenure spanning 38 years at Andover Corp, Mike Tiner has truly become synonymous with optical mastery. Rising through the ranks with dedication and unparalleled skill, Mike currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer. His leadership, coupled with his profound understanding of the industry, continues to guide Andover Corp toward new horizons in optical technology.

Why Attend?

  • Essence of Optics: Dive into the history and defining elements of optical craftsmanship.
  • Birth of Ideas: From market needs to prototyping, uncover the creation process.
  • Technical Insights: Discover material choices, manufacturing precision, and overcoming challenges.
  • Real-World Cases: Explore Andover Corp’s challenges and breakthroughs with captivating case studies.
  • Future Glimpse: Spotlight on upcoming optical trends and Andover Corp’s leadership role.
  • Interactive Q&A: Engage with experts and clarify your queries.

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