FCI Aerospace’s Thermal Dispersion Technology Improves Aircraft Performance and Safety

12 Oct FCI Aerospace’s Thermal Dispersion Technology Improves Aircraft Performance and Safety

Thermal Dispersion Technology – Flow Sensors

FCI Aerospace’s unique Thermal Dispersion Technology (TDT) has been trusted in aircraft air and liquid flow applications for over 30 years.

FCI’s flow sensor products use two thermowell protected platinum RTD temperature sensors placed in the process stream. One RTD is heated while the other senses the actual process temperature. The temperature difference between these sensors is measured and is proportional to the mass flow rate of the fluid.

In effect, FCI Aerospace measures the cooling rate of the process fluid molecules passing the sensor thermowells.

At No Flow/Low Flow conditions – the difference in temperature between the heated and the reference sensor is HIGH

At High Flow conditions – the difference in temperature between the heated and the reference sensor is LOW

How much the sensors are cooled depends on the actual density times actual velocity of these gas molecules. Multiplying by internal pipe diameter FCI gives a direct mass flow measurement. Because TDT measures mass flow rate directly, FCI Aerospace’s Flow Sensors are not affected by temperature or pressure effects.

Using temperature compensation and process calibration, FCI’s Flow Transmitter electronics output a voltage that is proportional to flow and temperature range. Similarly, FCI’s Flow Switch products are calibrated to customer’s unique flow trip point and offer an alarm or warning output.

FCI’s Thermal Dispersion Technology (TDT) directly measures mass flow of air, gases, water or liquids, which saves cost, installation space, and weight over alternatives that require the addition of pressure and temperature sensors, and a flow computer to infer mass flow. FCI flow sensors are also inherently dual-function, and temperature measurement of the fluid is readily available from the same sensor element.


Why thermal dispersion?

  • Real time measurement of Mass Flow
  • Each device calibrated to customer specific media, flow, and temperature ranges
  • Extreme Temperature, Pressure and Vibration Service
  • No need for Pressure or Temperature Correction
  • Plug and Play – simple installation
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Wide Turndown Range
  • Maintenance Free, no moving parts, no drift overtime
  • FCI is ISO9001 and AS9100 Certified

About FCI Aerospace

FCI Aerospace is a business unit of Fluid Components International. It is a world leading manufacturer of built-to-specification flow, level, temperature and pressure sensors designed for mission-critical performance and reliability. Whether military or civilian fixed-wing or rotary aircraft, FCI Aerospace has for nearly 30 years designed and manufactured qualified, flight-worthy sensor systems to meet a broad range of military and commercial applications. Visit www.FCIAerospace.com.

About JD Technologies Global, LLC

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