Medical Device Success Story – Blood Collection Machine Pump Housing

Concurrent Engineering & Production: Blood Collection Machine Pump Housing


Major Medical Device manufacturer needed to produce a complex shaped, high precision part that was comprised of 20 individual components including a circuit card assembly. They unknowingly needed a supplier who was proficient at precision machining and concurrent engineering to offer and execute an optimized solution.


Absolute Manufacturing worked closely with their customer’s engineers to optimize the design of this complex blood collection machine pump housing assembly. The resulting solution exceeded all the performance requirements and was highly cost effective.


A special production process was developed that allowed this part to be made in volume. This assembly has been instrumental to help the customer meet key goals for their new product introduction. The product has completed initial testing, certification and is now in full production. Absolute Manufacturing’s concurrent engineering and design to manufacturing (DTM) coupled with precision manufacturing created a cost effective solution that increased profitability for its customer!

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