Military & Defense Success Story – Patriot

Long Term Partnership: Production Readiness


Raytheon’s Patriot antimissile missile was developed in the mid 20th century with a production surge in the later part of the 20th century. The surge continued in the 21st century with deployment in 13 countries, including five NATO nations around the globe with a combat proven missile defense architecture that is continuously upgraded to keep ahead of evolving threats. Raytheon needed a supplier to there throughout this long life cycle, supporting with high quality hardware at a cost competitive price.


RFI Corporation (which was required by Ultra EMS in 2012) worked closely with Raytheon engineering during the development of the Patriot. A full suite of products, that included different types of electronic filters and high voltage capacitors were developed simultaneously. The transition into full scale production was flawless. Full documentation was maintained throughout the service life of Patriot so that when the production line was renewed, Ultra EMS was ready.


Ultra EMS continues to produce a full suite of hardware for the Patriot program. Support includes spares as well as any refurbishment and repair required. Long term agreements are in place and will continue well into the future.

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