Beyond the Obvious: Overlooked Benefits of Automation Programs

25 Oct Beyond the Obvious: Overlooked Benefits of Automation Programs

Joe Work, General Manager, Belcan Automation

JDT-Photo-Principal-Belcan-1What is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider implementing an automation program? Cost reduction? Quality improvements?

Belcan Automation Group implements solutions that do far more than simply reduce costs and improve quality for its clients. Since 1987, Belcan has specialized in the concept, design, build and support of turnkey factory automation systems and is innovative leader in this market space.

Overlooked Benefits of Automation Programs

Anyone can tell you automating redundant, physically demanding or dangerous manufacturing processes usually results in lower labor costs and improved quality, but there are some lesser-known benefits beyond the most obvious ones.

We’re going to take a look at few:

Cost Reductions: Of course, cost reductions due to lower payroll and benefits costs is often the first benefit considered. But you might also find secondary cost reductions such as:

  • Indirect labor reduction – less need for materials handling and other tasks
  • Less in-process and finished goods inventory
  • Reduced operator training costs
  • Eliminate time-consuming, inefficient manual inspection processes
  • Scrap reduction

Quality Improvements: Consistency and ongoing analysis lead directly to higher quality outcomes. Quality improvements can be achieved by:

  • Pre-qualification of incoming material and parts saves money and time by preventing defective outcomes
  • Verification of successful outcomes and ongoing quality checks reduces rework
  • Fewer defects and less human error overall

Production Agility Improvements: Reduce overall manufacturing cycle time and improve overall production rates. Other ways to improve agility include:

  • Smaller lot sizes – meet customer demands as multiple products can be run on the same system and sometimes even at the same time
  • “Just in time” manufacturing – only produce on an as needed basis
  • Surge demand – automated systems are engineered to handle peak capacity and can be run on off shifts during demand surges without adding personnel

Ergonomics Improvements: Safeguard plant personnel and reduce exposure to immediate and long-term physical harm. Beyond the obvious safety benefits, ergonomics improvements also:

  • Reduce workers’ comp claims and sick days
  • Increase productivity due to fewer ongoing health problems such as carpal tunnel, vibration syndrome, cumulative trauma and fatigue

Belcan employs robust engineering standards and proven project definition processes, enabling it to successfully deploy manufacturing systems across a vast array of industries. Belcan system technologies include laser welding, vision guided motion, robotics, liquid and powder dispensing and more.

Belcan proactively collaborates with clients and views challenging, difficult projects as opportunities. In addition to machine design services, Belkin provides manufacturing support services, including upgrades to existing equipment or processes to improve efficiency, development and fabrication of tools or subsystems to streamline operator processes and industrial control panel design.

Belcan Automation Group’s Getting a New Look!

As a testament to Belcan Automation Group’s growth and success, it is proud to announce a new look for its facility in Solon, Ohio. Belcan understands how a modern work environment improves the comfort and productivity of its team members.

Scheduled to begin in 2017, the thoughtful renovations will match their current flexible hours and work arrangements, wellness programs, continued education opportunities, and community and charity events and donations — all of which will ensure Belcan’s continued success due to its loyal, innovative work force.

Ready to harness decades of engineering expertise with Belcan Engineering Automation?

Contact us to learn how Belkin Automation Group can reduce your costs, improve quality, provide a significant ROI — and ultimately improve your bottom line.

  • Chet Mistur
    Posted at 07:23h, 21 January Reply

    Belcan is now closed- out of business.

    • John Knott
      Posted at 09:31h, 23 January Reply

      Yes you are correct Belcan Automation is no longer BUT the points and benefits of this blog article still ring true. I am pleased to report that JD Technologies, LLC is developing a relationship with another automation expert to service our valued customer’s requirements in this area. Thank you for your interest!

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