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Gränges is a global leader in aluminum engineering, manufacturing and innovation.

Aluminum alloys can be produced through multiple processes, but one particularly innovative method of manufacturing is spray forming. Spray forming is a powder metallurgical process in which liquid metal droplets are sprayed and deposited in a layer-by-layer fashion onto a substrate where they rapidly solidify and form a near-net-shape preform. It is inherently simpler than other technologies and significantly more time- and cost-effective. It helps remove macrosegregation and reduce microsegregation, two issues that require extensive treatment and processing in conventional casting methods. It also provides rapid cooling and solidification of the sprayed particles, even with a significant amount of alloying elements we reach a homogeneous microstructure.


  • High Silicon Aluminum Alloys
  • Semi-finished Aluminum Products and Components
  • High Performance Aluminum Alloys
  • Spray Compacted Aluminum Alloys
  • PM Alloys
  • Dispersion Hardening Aluminum Alloys

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  • Superior to Aluminum (high temp, stiffness, low expansion, low friction, low wear, good tribology)
  • Lighter than Steel
  • Lower Cost than Titanium
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Design-to-cost Solutions
  • Customized Material Availability (solid blocks, extruded profiles, machined)
  • Excellent Machinability



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