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RMB Products, Inc. has led the rotational molding industry with our thermoplastic expertise and for more than 60 years has been foremost in innovative molding as well as lining of engineering thermoplastics.  RMB specializes in custom products for the aerospace, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, biogenetic and nuclear industries.

Combining our thermoplastic expertise with your industry knowledge, RMB’s vertical integration begins with custom material formulation and compounding for the production phase of every part.  Our cryogenic converter will allow us to formulate raw materials to exact specifications.  When necessary, our capacity to formulate plastic bases enables us to tailor material properties to your requirements.

We provide an alternative to composite or aluminum components by producing seamless, lightweight, complex plastic shapes for numerous aerospace manufactures.  Comprehensive information is transferred from engineering to our CNC machining center where precision tooling is produced and verified to the electronic model for accuracy.

We use the latest computerized design and manufacturing technology that enables us to control all aspects of production so that we can be flexible and responsive to your needs.  Years of practical molding and fabrication experience, supported by expert mechanical and chemical engineers give RMB a unique industry niche.  From material selection to final inspection, strict process controls guarantee that your finished product will meet and exceed your expectations.


  • Long-established leader in custom resin formulation for highly specialized applications
  • Rapid product realization to meet your deadline
  • Additive manufacturing capabilities and in house design
  • Value add services to save you time and eliminate additional expense
  • Engineering expertise to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs
  • We can utilize your electronic inventory management systems to optimize inventory on hand
  • Proprietary resins, manufactured in-house, are designed to meet OEM specifications
  • In-house materials testing to ensure your product is compliant
  • AS9100:2016 Rev D qualified Quality Management System
  • Experts at manufacturing thermoplastic interior components with complex geometries suited to aircraft environmental control system ducting, tanks, drip pans, as well as other applications
  • Serve commercial and defense industries providing solutions for rotary and fixed wing aircraft

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  • Produce complex geometries in a single seamless part which reduces part count and installation time
  • Materials used are dimensionally stable, have a low crack propensity, and are able to service a wide range of process temperatures
  • Support all major aerospace OEM and Tier 1 suppliers in the commercial and defense industry
  • Solutions increase value and reduce downtime for our customers
  • Company founded in 1963, attained vast knowledge, expertise and experience over the years
  • Thermoplastics are processed in-house to ensure quality and consistency. Able to produce custom formulations or use customer’s material
  • The return on investment is higher than parts produced with other manufacturing processes
  • Weight and cost reductions achieved while exceeding performance requirements

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