Success Story – Battery Processing System

Success Story: Battery Processing System


The client had anew, innovative lead acid battery design that incorporated significantly different components than a traditional lead acid battery. The uniqueness of this design required that new manufacturing methods be developed to build this product.

Project Information

  • Product: Lead Acid Battery Plates
  • Industry: Energy / Automotive / Transportation
  • Key Technologies: Liquid and Powder dispensing and mixing, Dipping, Robotics, Continuous Motion, Material Drying, Ultrasonics, Liquid level control

Background Information

  • When Belcan’s Automation Group was contacted, the manufacturing process was still lab based and very low volume
  • In order to manufacture this product at high volumes and consistency, new, creative processes had to be applied
  • This startup company did not have the engineering or manufacturing staff required to quickly launch the development effort needed to create the manufacturing systems that were required

Belcan Automation Approach

  • Since this was a completely new product that had only been made in a lab environment, it was determined that a disciplined phased approach needed to be implemented
  • The plan that Belcan put before the client included the following:
    • Conduct a rigorous requirements definition phase
    • Generate concepts that meet the program / product
    • Identify proof of principle projects to test processes and
      technologies and reduce the risk of building a capital intense
      manufacturing system


  • A phased approach was implemented
  • Belcan’s technical team worked with the client’s product, manufacturing, and management team to conduct a rigorous requirements definition session. The results of which were used to the create process concepts.
  • Belcan designed and built a proof of principle system that allowed the client to test a unique technology for this application and develop the manufacturing process parameters
  • In parallel to the process development phase, Belcan proceeded to design and build the high speed manufacturing system, based on the results of the requirements definition work
  • Throughout the entire process, Belcan and the client were in
    close communication, sharing progress with each other on the
    design and the process development work

Benefits to Client

  • The client was able to quickly supplement its technical product development staff with an experienced engineering team capable of supplying practical ideas to manufacture their unique product
  • The requirements definition phase enabled the team to quickly select the technologies with the highest probability of success to test and develop the manufacturing process around
  • By parallel processing the efforts of process development and system design and build, the entire equipment development cycle was reduced
  • The resultant production system significantly increased the manufacturing capacity of the client
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