ARS Highpot Testing

21 Mar ARS Highpot Testing

How to Test Cables:  Location is Only Half the Story!
By Rich Weinberg
Senior Electronics Designer
American Rheinmetall Systems

It goes without saying that a cable assembly needs to be checked for continuity and shorts, however checking for conductors in the right place, and not in the wrong place is only half the story. All cables should be tested for “leakage” as an indicator of manufacture quality. During High Potential, or “Hipot” testing, each conductor of a cable assembly is raised to a high voltage or potential for a specified period of time (Dwell) while the rest of the conductors are kept at ground potential. The flow of current is measured from the high voltage source to ground. In a production environment, “Dielectric Withstand Testing” as described here is most commonly used. Because this method measures the leakage current at a potential less than the expected breakdown voltage, it will not shorten the life of the cable assembly. Withstand Test will indicate failures for, assembly defects, contamination, insulation damage, spacing, tolerance, or moisture problems.

Example: For low voltage systems, Hi Pot testing at 300V Peak AC/DC is typical, dwell times vary from 100 to 1000mS depending on the cable.

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