JD Technologies Drives New Market Growth as a Key Partner for Gränges Powder Metallurgy

17 Mar JD Technologies Drives New Market Growth as a Key Partner for Gränges Powder Metallurgy

This coming April marks 18 months since the formal announcement of the establishment of Gränges’ new business unit, Powder Metallurgy. According to Managing Director Filip Fernqvist at the time, this new direction creates a strategically important platform for growth within new material technologies in the fast-growing market for powder materials and additive manufacturing (i.e., industrial 3D printing).

The creation of this business unit has been a good strategic fit for the global aluminum company Gränges as it targets markets with a high underlying growth and technology driven customers. It expanded Gränges’ offering of advanced aluminum materials within current and new customer segments. Some examples of these new segments include aerospace, industrial robotics, and motor racing.

In entering new target markets, Gränges focused on executing a new approach in terms of customer interaction with an increased focus on working directly with new external customers. As a lean organization, Gränges excels at partner and stakeholder management. This collaboration strikes the right balance maintaining high agility and flexibility to become a leader in the production of aluminum powders for additive manufacturing for specialized applications. With the current Dispal® product line, Gränges produces and sells semi-finished aluminum products to new markets and customers.

Gränges has a unique advantage with the ability to customize aluminum products to be used as a replacement for other materials like titanium, conventional aluminum and stainless steel. From a 3D-printing perspective, the industry itself is changing fast. Just because a certain AM technology is leading one year, it is not a certainty that the same one will be the leading technology the next year. Therefore, the ability to act fast will be vital to establish the market and adjust to the constantly changing industry. The sales process itself is complex with rather long cycles. Therefore, it is critical to have technical, solution-focused sales partners to achieve success.

JD Technologies Global, LLC (JDTG) has become this key partner for Gränges. Providing their consultative sales and marketing services to high-quality, complementary manufacturers of products and services who serve the aerospace, military & defense, medical and industrial markets, JDTG provides extensive industry knowledge at the target market Gränges looks to for growth opportunities.  When designers, engineers, and other customers come to Gränges and JDTG with challenges, we listen, ask the right questions, and provide the best additive manufacturing solutions to meet customer specific needs and exceed expectations.

We are proud to be working with Gränges to help them build and maintain long term relationships with new customers in growing markets. The best is yet to come.

About Gränges Powder Metallurgy

Gränges Powder Metallurgy is an established manufacturer of DISPAL® material which is a range of high-performance aluminum alloys produced using a spray compaction process. The DISPAL® high silicon material is superior to aluminum with higher temperature thresholds, higher stiffness characteristics, lower thermal expansion, and low friction. It is also lighter than steel and lower cost than Titanium. These alloys are used in a wide range of applications from mass production automotive powertrain components to Formula One, from commercial aircraft to satellites. Other applications include high precision optical and measurement instrumentation, printing equipment and pick & place technology where unmatched productivity, accuracy and reliability are required. For more information, visit https://www.granges.com/

About JD Technologies Global, LLC

JD Technologies Global, LLC provides premium sales and marketing services to a group of high quality, complementary manufacturers of engineered services and products who serve the aerospace, military & defense, industrial and medical industries. They develop long term relationships with key customers who value the consultative style of selling and who wish to interface with sales professionals of high integrity. Their approach is to use proven consultative selling techniques. Consultative selling is a collaborative process that leads customers/prospects through an analysis of their current situation to a resulting improvement. For more information on JD Technologies Global, LLC, their products, services and their consultative selling methodology, visit www.jdtechsales.com.



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