JD Technologies Global, LLC and Andover Corporation Form Strategic Relationship to Offer Precision Optics and Photonics Solutions to Aerospace, Military & Defense, Energy and Medical Customers

08 Aug JD Technologies Global, LLC and Andover Corporation Form Strategic Relationship to Offer Precision Optics and Photonics Solutions to Aerospace, Military & Defense, Energy and Medical Customers

JD Technologies Global, LLC will use their extensive field sales expertise and established relationships in numerous industries to pursue new applications for Andover Corporation’s proven products and engineering expertise.

Ormond Beach, Florida – JD Technologies Global, LLC, an effective field sales company and Andover Corporation, an established manufacturer of high-performance optical filters, coatings, mirrors, and related components, today announced the forming of a strategic relationship to pursue new business for precision optics and photonics solutions.

The relationship will allow Andover Corporation to do what they do very well, that is to design, develop and manufacture precision optics and photonics solutions while JD Technologies Global, LLC can focus on selling in the field and building long term relationships with customers. The true beneficiary will be the end users who will be able to use accurate and durable optical filters and coatings to increase the advantages of their products to their customers worldwide.

“Our strategic relationship with Andover Corporation sets the groundwork for taking Andover Corporation to the next level in their already very successful business history. The expertise and products that Andover Corporation has to offer today is only surpassed by what they will have to offer tomorrow after listening to the voice of the customer (VOC). The bottom line is to understand what our customers are trying to accomplish and help them do it better. Today optical coating thin film deposition technologies provided by Andover Corporation, offer their customers solutions tailored to their specific needs. Technologies include magnetron sputtering, ion-Assisted e-beam deposition, resistance evaporation and other proprietary solutions. Tomorrow is only limited by customer demand and the innovative talent of Andover Corporation, which to say the least is limitless.” said John Knott, President for JD Technologies Global, LLC.

“We are delighted to join forces with JD Technologies Global, LLC to help end users benefit from our expertise and experience, including our vertically integrated manufacturing expertise as applied to thin film optical coatings and assemblies. This allows us the flexibility to control the design and manufacturing process, ensure consistent quality, and meet demanding lead times,” said David Litwinovich, Vice President of Technology at Andover Corporation. “We have been very successful in growing our business to date and see this strategic partnership as an avenue for significant growth in the future. Our talented people and our proven optical filtering expertise offer our customers improvements in numerous applications including surveillance and targeting. Other applications include night vision goggles, helmet recording camera systems, sighting equipment such as thermal imaging sights, spotting scopes, medical instrumentation, robotics machine vision, agricultural and environmental imaging & monitoring, unmanned and space vehicles. The optics in these applications are tested for maximum durability, which is one of our strengths.”

About Andover Corporation

Andover Corporation is a renowned leader in providing cutting-edge solutions in the field of precision optics and photonics. With a rich history spanning over 4 decades, Andover has established itself as a trusted and innovative partner in industries such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical, and scientific research. The company specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of high-performance optical filters, coatings, mirrors, and related components. Backed by a team of talented engineers and scientists, and with the shortest lead times in the industry, Andover Corporation remains committed to delivering exceptional quality, reliability, and customized solutions that meet the unique needs of its diverse clientele. Andover Corporation continues to be at the forefront of advancements in the industry.  For more information, visit www.andovercorp.com

About JD Technologies Global, LLC

JD Technologies LLC provides premium sales and marketing services to a group of high quality, complementary manufacturers of engineered services and products who serve the industrial, aerospace, military & defense, and medical industries. They develop long-term relationships with key customers who value the consultative style of selling and who wish to interface with sales professionals of high integrity. Their approach is to use proven consultative selling techniques. Consultative selling is a collaborative process that leads customers/prospects through an analysis of their current situation to a resulting improvement. For more information on JD Technologies, LLC, their products, services and their consultative selling methodology, visit www.jdtechsales.com

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