JD Technologies Global, LLC Helps Our Customers Optimize Thermal Management Systems

16 Feb JD Technologies Global, LLC Helps Our Customers Optimize Thermal Management Systems

With electronic innovation extending the boundaries of what’s possible, cooling systems and thermal management systems, in turn, must keep up. JD Technologies Global, LLC and the high-quality manufacturers we represent are up for the challenge!

Liquid cooling applications include unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, avionics / electronics cooling, air management systems, bleed air systems, environmental cooling systems, RAM airflow, PACK air systems and fuel tank inerting systems to name a few.

JD Technologies Global with our highly qualified manufacturers that we represent, can support our customers’ engineers that are developing new or optimizing existing liquid cooling systems. Key areas of support include:

Dual Function Flow and Temperature Transmitters –

  • Multiple sensors uniquely calibrated to customer specifications placed at key measuring points in the cooling system.
  • Dual function, providing both mass flow rate and temperature from the same device.
  • Dual 0-5VDC outputs provide continuous flow rate and temperature measurements to the pump control system.
  • Fully flight qualified, COTS, Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) easily integrated into the design and installed with minimal effort.

Thermostatic Valves –

  •  Self-actuating – no external power needed
  • Maintenance free – no periodic calibration
  • Highly repeatable position vs temperature
  • Very high power-to-size ratio, small, lightweight package
  • High reliability / long service life
  • Ease of installation
  • Proportioning output

Seals & Sleeves for Harsh Environments –

  • Engineered High Temperature Gaskets, Sleeves, Seals, and Ducting
  • High vibration
  • High pressure
  • Large temperature variations
  • In house testing and tool fabrication

About JD Technologies Global, LLC

JD Technologies Global, LLC provides premium sales and marketing services to a group of high quality, complementary manufacturers of engineered services and products who serve the aerospace, military & defense, industrial and medical industries. They develop long term relationships with key customers who value the consultative style of selling and who wish to interface with sales professionals of high integrity. Their approach is to use proven consultative selling techniques. Consultative selling is a collaborative process that leads customers/prospects through an analysis of their current situation to a resulting improvement. For more information on JD Technologies Global, LLC, their products, services and their consultative selling methodology, visit www.jdtechsales.com.



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