Machining of DISPAL® – Easier and More Profitable Than Competing Materials!

14 Apr Machining of DISPAL® – Easier and More Profitable Than Competing Materials!

Gränges DISPAL®, an aluminum alloy with high amounts of silicon, machines very well while achieving very high surface qualities and tight tolerances. Gränges DISPAL® material does not clog and break into small chips as in the case with competing material and Metal Matrix Composites.  The machining advantages of DISPAL®compared to conventional hypereutectic AlSi – alloys are larger depth of cut, faster feed rates, larger cutting angles, increased tool life, all equating to less time to machine and enhanced profitability. The machining behavior of alloys produced by powder metallurgy methods, which is how DISPAL® is produced, offer a lot of advantages. The reason is the very fine microstructure with Silicon particles of < 5 µm in size, in contrast to cast Al – alloys with Si crystals of > 70 µm.

The attached report quantifies the advantages of machining DISPAL® compared to conventional hypereutectic AlSi – alloys. This report also shows the tool life in milling operations in graph form. Our customers are impressed with the significantly higher volume of metal removed and the much higher tool life of DISPAL® compared to competing materials. The attached report also gives specific recommendations for roughing-down and finishing for milling, turning and band saw blades recommendation.

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About Gränges Powder Metallurgy

Gränges Powder Metallurgy is an established manufacturer of DISPAL® material which is a range of high-performance aluminum alloys produced using a spray compaction process. The DISPAL® high silicon material is superior to aluminum with higher temperature thresholds, higher stiffness characteristics, lower thermal expansion, and low friction. It is also lighter than steel and lower cost than Titanium. These alloys are used in a wide range of applications from mass production automotive powertrain components to Formula One, from commercial aircraft to satellites. Other applications include high precision optical and measurement instrumentation, printing equipment and pick & place technology where unmatched productivity, accuracy and reliability are required. For more information, visit

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