Motorsports Takes Our Winning Attitude Forged in Aerospace, Medical and Military & Defense Industries into a New Gear

16 Feb Motorsports Takes Our Winning Attitude Forged in Aerospace, Medical and Military & Defense Industries into a New Gear

One of the most coveted triumphs in all of racing, the 64th Annual Daytona 500 will be held on Sunday, February 20 at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida. The passion for winning on the racetrack is the same passion that our principals bring to the manufacturing processes that can help your business succeed. Read about our principals and what they can do for you!

Roush Yates Engines is a leading-edge engine development company based in Mooresville, NC consisting of two state-of-the-art facilities – Roush Yates Engines and Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions, a world class AS9100 Rev D/ISO 13485 certified CNC manufacturing facility. The company’s core business includes designing, building and testing race engines as well as precision machining for other high-tech industries. They are the exclusive engine provider for Ford Performance teams racing at the NASCAR Daytona 500 on Sunday February 20th, 2022! In addition, the Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions (RYMS) provides machining for many of the core chassis components for ALL the NASCAR Next Gen Cars! RYMS is a highly automated, CNC manufacturer of complex geometry parts for critical applications that require robust process control and post machine surface treatments for the aerospace, military & defense, medical, and motorsports markets. The same winning attitude, superior performance and passion that is leveraged to win races is applied to deliver high quality on-time precision machining for your industry!

Gränges doesn’t make the race car but they make it go faster! Engine and car components such as crankcase, connecting rods, cylinder liners, intake valves, oil distribution rings & pump gears, pistons and transmission & power train components made from Gränges DISPAL® material ensure very good formability, weight reductions and a great number of performance enhancements. DISPAL® has properties comparable to those of steel but at only a third of its weight. It has dimensional stability comparable with steel and iron-casting alloys, resistance to wear and tear on the same level as cast iron alloys. The DISPAL® material offers customized thermal expansion rates, optimal wear and tear properties, high stability, and rigidity as well as very good heat dissipation and low weight in comparisons with other materials and technologies.

Suprock Technologies is both practitioner and clinician of the engineering arts. Their specialty is developing sensor technology and the supporting telemetry hardware infrastructure to obtain brilliant signals from circumstances thought to be unachievable. For example strain-based wireless shaft torque sensors that can measure dynamic torque during a high speed engine and/or car test. Suprock is a vertically integrated shop with state of the art research capabilities, development skills, and prototype manufacturing capability. They provide engineering expertise and a multi-disciplinary problem solving team. Their contribution to motorsports is giving development engineers more data points in the engine and race car to make improvements that increase speed and give a competitive advantage.

One of the biggest problems in motorcycle racing in the early 70’s was the seals in both the forks and shocks of high-speed racing motorcycles. They leaked terribly and did not last. K&S developed a solution which was a custom rubber reinforced seal for a Bultaco Pursang race bike. The seal worked perfectly, word quickly spread, and before long K&S was making custom seals for all the top brands of race bikes including Bultaco, Husqvarna, Maico, and CZ. This was the birth of the K&S custom seal production business which has successfully made its way into other motor sports and other industries including aerospace. Almost six decades later, K&S still builds the finest custom seals, sleeves, ducts, and gaskets available to solve customer problems, and still refuses to sacrifice quality over profit.

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