Get Your Heart Pumping for Shark Week 2022

18 Jul Get Your Heart Pumping for Shark Week 2022

John Knott, President of JD Technologies, LLC

Get Your Heart Pumping for Shark Week 2022!

SHARK WEEK, television’s longest-running, and most anticipated summer event returns with bigger sharks and bigger bites on July 24 and promises to deliver all-new groundbreaking shark stories.

Our principals, the manufacturers we represent, provide groundbreaking technological solutions to support the development and production of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV). These vehicles are used to carry out a specific set of instructions, or a mission underwater without a human pilot. Whether you are developing or producing UUVs or any other device or system that goes underwater, on the ground, in the air or in space, reach out to us for consultation and support.

Our principals include:

  • FCI Aerospace:  FCI Aerospace Division manufactures commercial and military aircraft, vehicle and shipboard flow, liquid level, temperature and pressure sensors. End-users of our instrumentation include all major international prime aircraft OEM’s as well as system manufacturers. The flow and liquid level sensor product lines feature the proprietary thermal dispersion principle of operation that provides superior life of acquisition costs, higher reliability, lower weight, and wider sensing ranges for critical applications. FCI also maintains the technical resources as well as manufacturing facility and multi-million-dollar calibration lab to analyze new requirements and participate with aerospace engineering customers in the development of new sensor solutions on their programs.
  • Gränges Powder Metallurgy:  Gränges is a global leader in aluminum engineering, manufacturing and innovation. Aluminum alloys can be produced through multiple processes, but one particularly innovative method of manufacturing is spray forming. Spray forming is a powder metallurgical process in which liquid metal droplets are sprayed and deposited in a layer-by-layer fashion onto a substrate where they rapidly solidify and form a near-net-shape preform. It is inherently simpler than other technologies and significantly more time- and cost-effective. It helps remove macrosegregation and reduce microsegregation, two issues that require extensive treatment and processing in conventional casting methods. It also provides rapid cooling and solidification of the sprayed particles, even with a significant amount of alloying elements we reach a homogeneous microstructure.
  • Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions:  Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions (RYMS) provides expertise in highly automated, CNC machining of complex geometry parts for critical applications that require robust process control and post machine surface treatments for the motorsports, aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial markets. In addition, RYMS offers multi-axis mill turns, turning, swiss turn, and waterjet machining. RYMS also provides post machine surfacing, secondary treatment processes, and sub-assembly services in-house and through a network of validated and approved process suppliers. Our dedication to quality is exhibited by our commitment to meet AS9100 Rev D/ISO 13485 certification and ITAR registration standards. RYMS is located in Mooresville, NC.
  • ThermOmegaTech:  Established in 1983, ThermOmegaTech® is a leading designer and manufacturer of self-actuating temperature control valves and thermal actuators. Experts in phase-change thermostatic actuator technology, ThermOmegaTech® specializes in manufacturing prototypes/small volumes and highly engineered custom products for the Aerospace & Defense industry. AS9100D certified, they provide innovative thermally controlled custom solutions that can seamlessly integrate into your system for applications such as thermal bypass in hydraulic systems, avionic electronics cooling, fluid and airflow control, fuel cell battery cooling, and more. Through their electronics division, they offer custom PCB assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, and box build contract manufacturing services.

Enjoy Shark Week and think of us and our valued principals who help our customers meet and exceed performance objectives. Visit the Discovery Channel Shark Week website here.

About JD Technologies, LLC

JD Technologies, LLC provides premium sales and marketing services to a group of high quality, complementary manufacturers of engineered services and products who serve the industrial, aerospace, military, defense and medical industries. We develop long term relationships with key customers who value the consultative style of selling and who wish to interface with sales professionals of high integrity.  Our approach is to use proven consultative selling techniques. Consultative selling is a collaborative process that leads customers/prospects through an analysis of their current situation to a resulting improvement. For more information on JD Technologies, LLC, their products, services and their consultative selling methodology, visit

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